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Join us each Thursday evening, 8 - 9 pm ET for an opportunity to

virtually connect and process your experience during this time.

Join our Zoom Heart Circle by clicking on the link below.



Join us each Sunday evening at 8 pm ET for a series of special topics

and conversations offered  by leaders, healers, erotic practitioners,

and others from inside and outside the Body Electric Community.   

Sunday April 5:     The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving

With Rosalyn Dischiavo

8 pm ET / 7 pm CT / 6 pm MT / 5 pm PT (75 mins)

The Deep Yes is a concept that has always been with me. It is not simply surrender, 
but instead a deep taking in, a gravity and a magnetism that has all of the pull of the yin universe behind its flow. 

What does it mean to say Yes to receiving without guilt or shame?

How many of us can say that we use our bodies to do this with sleep, rest, food, touch or love?

What would it add to our lives to learn the Deep Yes in ourselves?

Could it help us with addictive or “stuck” behaviors?

Could it be the change that makes all of the difference in our lives?
We will discuss why we have trouble receiving, and describe simple practices that can be coupled 
with simple intentions

to have a profound impact on our psyches, our bodies, and our relationships.  



Dear Friends, 

Please -- together -- let us take a deep breath.  And another.  And yet still another for good measure.  Because that is exactly what we need in this current moment, fraught as it is with uncertainty and pervasive anxiety.   

By now, we have all heard (dozens of times) about washing our hands and stocking our pantries.  This letter is not another reminder of appropriate hygiene.  Instead, it's meant to touch something deeper:  the courage, hope and remarkable resilience that we each carry, individually and collectively.  Such reminders of our deep humanity have been sorely missing from most every public statement about the current crisis, and completely absent from the words and acts of those in roles of national and global leadership.  So we must re-discover these necessary, invaluable qualities for ourselves.  

One of the core tenets of Body Electric is that everything we do starts with the basics of human connection.  At every workshop, before we teach erotic massage, we revel in the simple luxury of eye contact.  Before we include breathwork, we practice gourmet hugs.  Body Electric was birthed into a different crisis, in the early 1980s, yet it has thrived for 35+ years because of this timeless human grounding.  When we find safety in connection, we have a far greater capacity, individually and collectively, to meet and overcome obstacles than we might otherwise imagine.  

It is that kind of courage and resilience to which we are now being called.  Unfortunately, because of the specific nature of the coronavirus, public health wisdom warrants that we maintain "social distance."  Compounding this, fear drives many of us into isolation; it's hard to tolerate uncertainty, and witness the daily disruption of so many core social and economic structures, without freaking out!  And yet it is not isolation, but the exact opposite of this -- connection and community -- that will help us navigate these current challenges. 

To support our community during this evolving time, we are offering weekly virtual (online) experiences including a Heart Circle every Thursday evening at 8 pm ET.    Every Sunday we will present special topics and conversations that will support your continued personal growth and connection with self.  (REGISTER HERE)  Not because we have a plan or any answers, but because we know in our hearts that isolation and fear are not the only possible responses.    It is time-tested wisdom that every crisis also holds the possibility of great opportunity.  What we face now is indeed a crisis, and filled with much that is unknown -- but let us not forget that because of this, by its very nature, we also have a rare opportunity to deepen and expand precious components of our humanity -- compassion, resilience, creativity, and a profound humility in acknowledging what we can and cannot control.

Please join us.  We look forward to meeting together in community.  

Sending a widely inclusive cyber gourmet hug,

The Body Electric Faculty

Dave Allen   Collin Brown  William McMeniman  John Ballew    Craig Cullinane       Steve Schwartzberg  Suzanne Blackburn      Mark Fleming      Emaya Shaw

The Coronavirus: A response to our community.

Are you curious about the spiritual dimensions of the erotic realm?

Would you like to feel more free, confident and inspired?

Who we are

Since 1984, the Body Electric School has offered workshops to participants ready to explore a pathway to a more connected spiritual and sexual life.  

Professional facilitators guide participants through practices of breathwork, massage, and heart-centered sharing.  

The experience creates a safe container for erotic energy, sensual touch, and a deeper understanding of who you truly are. 

What we offer

We offer professionally-guided workshops for men, women, and people of all genders, to:

  • integrate your erotic and spiritual energies in a safer, respectful environment;
  • celebrate your untapped potential for pleasure and self-discovery; and
  • connect with like-minded explorers.

Here are our currently scheduled workshops:

Events by gender

Full calendar

The Evolution of Body Electric

In 2019, the New Body Electric School has taken a courageous and visionary step into the future.

We’re moving to a model of non-profit, community-based operation, opening a wealth of fresh possibilities! The cost of workshops has been lowered. Volunteer working groups have formed. The School’s transitional leadership team has made a passionate commitment to reaching younger and more diverse populations.

These changes reflect what has always been true of Body Electric (BE): Throughout our 35+ year history, BE has been a labor of love for those who’ve experienced the embodied wisdom, deep healing, and joyful growth of our safe and respectful approach to erotic exploration. The School’s new structure simply fulfills what many of us have known all along: Body Electric is above all a community of those whose lives have been enriched by our experiences here.

If you’re already familiar with BE, this is a wonderful moment to renew your connection. If you’ve heard of BE and wondered what our work is like, now is a great time to dive in and experience for yourself the gold standard of erotic-spiritual workshops for more than 35 years.

During this time of transition, please bear with us. We will be revamping our website soon to keep pace with our changing nature. Programs and registration are continued uninterrupted. Stay tuned!

Stay informed!   

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About the New Body Electric School

The Body Electric School offers expertly guided educational experiences grounded in the erotic and its integration with the sacred, to foster transformative personal and communal healing.

The Body Electric School is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Ohio (view registration here).  The school is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

How to Reach Us

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