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A Response to the Coronavirus

Body Electric General Hygiene and Coronavirus

BE has always placed the highest priority on safety and hygiene. Indeed, in many ways, the Body Electric School was born in response to a virus.  In keeping with our tradition of establishing and maintaining hygienic experiences, we ask all of our participants to be responsible about attending Body Electric events.  Wash your hands, sanitize surfaces, evaluate your personal risk and act accordingly. As always it is important to know your boundaries, always be at choice and be honest with your communications. 

However, with news emerging of potential community transmission, we believe that now is the time to begin acting with an abundance of caution to slow the spread of the virus.

Be Responsible — Do not attend BE events if you have had symptoms of a cold or flu, or stomach upset within 48 hours of the event. Do not attend a BE event if you are running a fever or have a dry cough.

If you must cancel due to these symptoms we will happily transfer your payment to the next appropriate workshop. Further, if you have travelled to the following places within the last two weeks, we ask that you defer your workshop to a future date.

  • China, 
  • Japan, 
  • Italy, 
  • Iran, 
  • South Korea, 
  • Hong Kong.

This list may change so please refer to the CDC Information for Travel for further updates.

Hygiene Protocols during Workshops:

  • After checking in and putting your personal items away, please immediately wash your hands and wrists for at least 20 seconds using soap and water and regularly thereafter.        
  • There will be frequent breaks for handwashing, we will encourage participants not to touch above the shoulders or on the face, and we will not share bandanas, towels, or sheets.
  • Handwashing stations will be set-up in the workshop areas. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer and or a bleach solution will also be available.
  • Wash your hands before interacting with the food or beverage areas.
  • If you do cough or sneeze, do it into the crook of your elbow or a facial tissue, not your hands. Throw away the facial tissue immediately and wash your hands again.

We ask that you watch a refresher on how to wash your hands thoroughly, such as this short video.

Sanitize surfaces:

Please be sure to use an alcohol-based disinfectant, on all equipment after it has been used. Products will be made available. The BE team will also sanitize common surfaces (table tops, bars, door handles, and bathroom counters) using hydrogen peroxide or a bleach solution throughout the weekend.

Evaluate your personal risk:

Body Electric isn’t aware of the health status of all of our participants, but because our community is comprised of a wide cross-section of people, it’s important that we all evaluate our health risk and participate in Body Electric workshops with risk in mind. You are always at choice to come to a workshop or whether to participate in an exercise. If infected, most people will only contract mild symptoms, if any at all. However, coronavirus presents greater risk of severe symptoms or death for elderly folks than younger folks; for those with compromised immune systems; for people who have diabetes or chronic cardiovascular diseases. If you are a part of one of these groups, or have frequent exposure to these groups through work or family members, consider taking reasonable precautions against getting sick — your well-being is paramount. Reasonable precautions may well include avoiding the risk of unnecessary exposures at large gatherings.

Act Accordingly

Don’t panic. It is important to keep yourself healthy at all times. Don’t spread misinformation. Be sure that your information about COVID-19 is coming from reputable scientific sources. 

Let’s have fun AND do what we can to take care of ourselves and the entire Body Electric community!

Informative links

Please read up on the virus and make sure you’re reading reputable sources. This well-researched coronavirus explainer from Vox provides a good overview of what you need to know. It’s important to remember that the situation is changing rapidly, and you should follow local news sources and the advice of local health care institutions to learn more about the local situation.

Sources: Centers for Disease ControlJAMAJournal of Hospital InfectionCNNThe Hill



Workshop Participation

Although participants of workshops find healing in the programs and practices of workshops, the Body Electric School does not provide mental, physical, medical, or emotional treatment, therapy or services, nor are participants seeking such professional support encouraged to participate in programming. As such, the Body Electric School always encourages individuals who are struggling with clinical issues to seek assistance from a licensed medical or mental health provider.

The Body Electric School is responsible for the personal safety of all participants of its programs. To protect all participants, Body  Electric School faculty, coordinators, and administrators retain the right at all times to refuse enrollment of anyone. If a person has registered for a workshop and a determination is made that the individual cannot participate, all registration fees will be refunded, and the registration will be notified. If a determination is made that an individual cannot participate in a workshop once the program begins, the participant will be dismissed, all registration fees will be refunded, and the participant will be notified.

The minimum age for participation in The Body Electric School workshops and intensive programs is 18 years of age on the day of registration for a program.

Many people find Body Electric programs to be an experience that honors them in profound and meaningful ways. We create containers that are respectful and inclusive so participants can feel safe to explore ways to be more at home in their erotic bodies. We begin each program by establishing ground rules for common agreement, which helps insure the best possible outcomes for every participant.  It is important, therefore, that participants show up on time.  Those who are late may not be allowed to participate in the workshop once the container has been formed.  This decision is at the discretion of the faculty.

In today’s world, there are sometimes health risks with public exposure.  We ask persons who have any skin disease or other easily communicable disease to postpone their attendance.   The Body Electric School cannot be held liable for any illnesses incurred during a workshop.

Due to the physical exertion and potential increases in intraocular pressure during some of the workshop exercises, should one have a history of glaucoma or retinal disease, it is imperative to be cleared by a physician. The workshop also requires participants to engage in somatic-based practices, such as breath work, movement, and other activities that require individuals to be able to have the physical ability to engage in moderate physical movement and activity.  If a potential registrant anticipates experiencing limitations in movement, breathing, and other practices, they are encouraged to consult with the local coordinator prior to registering for a program.


Pricing & Payments

Funds for all workshops, unless noted, are in US dollars.  Payments can be cash, check or credit cards American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA.

In most instances, fees for programs held outside of the United States are paid directly to the local coordinator. Please contact the coordinator for more details.

Scholarships are also available via online application. Visit the Scholarships page on our web site for more information.

Pricing shown on this website takes precedence over printed material.

Discounts on programs are often available and are described for each workshop.  See workshop description for further information. If you are in need of special assistance, please discuss your situation with the workshop coordinator. Occasionally there are small stipends available to offset the cost.

Full payment is due two weeks prior to the workshop.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

We understand that situations may change once you register for a workshop. Please carefully read our refund policy so we can clarify in advance any questions as there are no exceptions to the policy.

For In-Person Workshops

Cancellations prior to two (2) weeks in advance will receive a full refund minus a $75 processing fee. Alternatively, paid fees can be credited to a future workshop within one year. If you transfer to another workshop within the year and cancel, do not attend, or leave early there is no further refund, credit nor transfer. The exception will be where a minimum number of participants are required by the venue. If this is not negotiable, Body Electric will refund up to the point of financial liability to the venue.

Cancellations less than two (2) weeks in advance will receive no refund. However, credit transfers may be made at the discretion of The Body Electric School management for extenuating circumstances and are good for one year.

Should an individual leave a workshop or does not attend, there will be no refund. Credit transfers may be made at the discretion of The Body Electric School management for extenuating circumstances.   

Should The Body Electric School cancel a workshop, any payments made will be refunded in full or credited to another workshop at the discretion of the registrant.

For any situation out of our control such as weather, retreat center closings or disasters, pandemics or government forced shutdowns, there will be no refund but a tuition credit will be held for one year to apply to another Body Electric workshop. After one year there will be no further credit or transfer.

The Body Electric School is not responsible for any travel costs such as transportation and non-workshop lodging that may result from cancellations. You may wish to consider travel insurance. If you are traveling to a Body Electric School workshop or intensive program and need to purchase a non-refundable ticket, please bear this in mind and reach out to the coordinator should you want to check the status.

For Online / Virtual Workshops

If cancelling your online registration prior to 24 hours before the scheduled event start time, you will receive a refund less a $10 administration fee.  

If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, you will not receive a refund.   If you fail to attend the workshop or first workshop in a series, you will not receive a refund.   Credit transfers may be made at the discretion of The Body Electric School management for extenuating circumstances.    Body Electric takes no responsibilities for technical difficulties or misread/misunderstood information based on timezones as non-attendance. 

Should The Body Electric School cancel a workshop, any payments made will be refunded in full or credited to another workshop at the discretion of the registrant.  

For any situation out of our control such as weather, retreat center closings or disasters, pandemics or government forced shutdowns, there will be no refund but a tuition credit will be held for one year to apply to another Body Electric workshop. After one year there will be no further credit or transfer.

Workshop Registrations & Cancellations

Though rare, we occasionally decide to cancel a workshop due to low registration. We make this determination two weeks prior to the workshop.  Therefore, please register as soon as you are committed to attending so we can confirm that the workshop will run. 

Body Jewelry

In this age of assorted body jewelry, it is incumbent upon the individual to protect themselves and the equipment used in Body Electric workshops (specifically massage tables usually borrowed for our workshops). Please take care and help us to protect our equipment by removing your body jewelry prior to the workshop. If it is not removable, it is up to the individual to protect the equipment. Any damage to equipment will be the responsibility of the individual to repair or replace.


About the New Body Electric School

The Body Electric School offers expertly guided educational experiences grounded in the erotic and its integration with the sacred, to foster transformative personal and communal healing.

The Body Electric School is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Ohio (view registration here). The School is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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